Digital Information

Digital Information can be understood as information that is presented in a digital form; however this can come in the way of:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • Websites

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The advantage of having information available in so many different ways means, that as a teacher, I am able to present information to suit the various learning styles and abilities of my students. My particular favourite method of learning is visually, through the use of images, so this week’s exploration of Pinterest and my board that I put together about the various types of digital devices, software and search engines that exist, was a highlight for me because my attention was drawn toward images that I believed to be relevant to my topic, and I was then able to extend my research by opening and reading the pins.

Exploring these pins highlighted the array of ways that information can be presented and how easily it can be accessed by anyone. Pinterest can be used by students when following a particular line of inquiry, to try and find instructions on a topic, for ideas for an event or occasion as well as many other purposes. I found this youtube presentation titled Using Pinterest in the classroom, that includes some basics about how to manipulate Pinterest but also reflects on the different uses for Pinterest in a classroom.  I could definitely see myself using the suggestion to create a travel journey with the images and information with my future students.  The possibilites to then extend on this through visual arts and drama are endless.

 Featured image


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