After receiving feedback for my blog from my peers the consensus was that I needed to:

  • Focus on my reflection of the weekly tasks and show how my understanding has changed
  • Ensure I included teaching ideas that related to each topic areas
  • Include more graphics to enhance the visual appeal

Upon reading this and reviewing the rubric, I could clearly see where I was lacking in substance, so with this in mind I went back to each week  and reviewed them independently.  These are some of the modifications I made:

  • Added an image of my Prezi presentation and worked out how to add a link to it on the image
  • Conducted further research and found some creative teaching ideas using Prezi
  • Added an image of my Sploder game
  • Provided examples of how the skills learned through gaming can transfer to other contexts
  • Included the two Scratch links
  • Added examples for using infographics in the classroom

With these changes I was able to demonstrate my understanding between what I have learned in this unit and how it may influence my future teaching as well as ensure that the presentation of this blog is appealing and easy to follow.

I definitely found it harder to provide feedback and evaluate the work of others than what it is to receive feedback, however I feel I am on the right track in understanding this mind boggling world that is Digital Technology.

Thanks to my peers Donna and Tina for the constructive feedback.


PunchDigital. (2010). The World Has Gone Completely Digital.  Retrieved from


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